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Vibes Of Love

Vibes of Love WorkshopHave you ever wondered what is love and how to discover love and where do you find your true love, your Soul-Mate?

These have been questions that I asked myself, I can’t even remember since when, maybe since I was a young teenager!

From a young age, I started searching to fulfill my yearnings for love through love stories in novels and movies, then diving deep into intimate relationships with different men and finally to a marriage which ended with a sad divorce… but the story didn’t end there as my yearnings were so deep, they kept me searching and… after many more relationships, to the amazement of my family and friends, I finally came into union with the love of my life and I married my dear beloved Soul-Mate!

During my wedding party that was held on a beautiful full-moon evening on Chinese Valentine’s Day, a friend said to me, “This is so magical and beautiful, almost like a fairytale!”

To some people, they felt it’s my luck and yet I, myself, know better than anyone else that I’ve been blessed to be given the tools to create this luck in my life!

If you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction and maybe you’ve even practiced the Law of Attraction however you didn’t get the result you expected! You’re missing the key ingredient of “vibration”. How to bring your vibration to match with what you desire in your life… to attract your Soul-Mate who is already waiting for you?

This is the objective of this workshop “Vibes of Love”!

I’m passionate in nurturing and empowering your journey in this search so that you could reunite with your Soul-Mate! If you are seriously yearning for the deeper connection of soulful relationship but find it difficult, either you couldn’t attract that right person or you couldn’t deepen the connection with your existing partner, this is THE workshop for you! For those who decide to join this workshop, be prepared to dive whole-heartedly into the most exciting, nurturing, fulfilling, fun-filling and heart-opening experience!

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