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1st Wedding Anniversary on Chinese Valentine’s Day

Last night I spent the evening with my dear beloved at Top Deck, top floor of Aberdeen’s Jumbo Floating Restaurant, where we had our wedding banquet one year ago!  The night was beautiful, even the full moon was shyly coming out and showing us her beautiful smile once in a while to congratulate us on this special occasion!

It’s been a year of enormous learning and growing and deepening into our union where the meaning of this word “Love” takes on a whole expanded form!  I’ve always felt that intimate relationship is the most amazing playground where you truly learn and grow and get to know who you are as your partner mirrors you, on a daily basis, all parts of your inner self – and especially those parts you are not too keen on looking at…aha!  What an excited journey!

I want to express my deepest gratitude to my dear beloved husband Grant who loves me and has so much patience and understanding with me when I learn and practice the lesson of “love” – a life-long lesson and most fascinating one in my life!


  1. dear Cat,

    this website looks quite nice with easy access. First I also thought that you have a new born baby!! wow, that really drawn my attention.

    wishing you and your love nest is full of joy and many more happiness to come.


  2. Dear Betty,

    Thanks for your feedback and your blessings! Do come back and visit the website often!


  3. Congratulations Catherine and Grant on your first year anniversary. Blessings to you both, Nicole

  4. Dearest Catherine,

    I am so happy for you and Grant! You are both amazing, loving people and I am grateful to have met you.

    More Love, Joy, Abundance and Prosperity to you,


  5. Hi Catherine,

    I am happy for you to have such a wonderful and special 1st year anniversary.

    Even more excited is to see your new born baby (your blog site). She is looks really fantastic. I love every bits of her.

    And you have insert the newsletter subscription too. I am so proud of you that you can done such a marvelous job to put things together nicely. And this place is going to attract more people who will receive your help on transforming their lives to create their dream lives with love and joy.


  6. Dear Frankie,

    Thanks for your positive feedback! Yes, I love my baby girl and she’s so beautiful! I have a wonderful friend Nicole who helped me to do all these technical things! Thanks to her that I gave birth to this baby with so much ease:)

    Look forward to sharing with more people using this platform!


  7. Dear Irena,

    Thanks so much for all your blessings!


  8. Dear Nicole,

    I really want to thank you deeply for helping me to give birth to this lovely baby:) Without your help, I wouldn’t have done this with such speed! I love speed!