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Lovers for Life

Have you ever wondered if there’s such thing called “Soul-Mate”?  I’ve always believed that and I still believe that!  What I realized through this process of discovering my soul-mate relationship is amazing! 

This is not something that just happens!  It takes a lot of conscious effort – but that doesn’t mean it’s hard – it’s challenging at times but it’s also exciting, if you choose to create this!

This soul-mate relationship is what Anthony Robbins called “Lovers for Life”!  I love this term he used because that feels more alive and real!  Because sometimes when I talk to people about “Soul-Mate”, they tend to think I’m talking about something very esoteric and yet for those who are in such a relationship will totally understand it’s something very practical and real and absolutely nothing esoteric about it!

Recently I had a big argument with my soul-mate aka my husband.  Oh yes, for those of you who were thinking, “WHAT?  How could you have an argument with your soul-mate?”  Ah-ha!!!  Yeap, you do that too!  That’s why I was saying for those who are in such a relationship will understand the practicality of this:)  As long as we are humans, we have our own preferences and I always see arguments as the way to truly sort out our differences and everytime when we have an argument, it always increases our intimacy as we truly get to know the other person even deeper, on so many levels!

My realization through this argument is wonderful as I realized I’ve been putting too much attention on fulfilling everybody’s needs in the family, my husband and our children and even our dog, and therefore I totally forgot to put any attention on myself!

I love my relationship with my soul-mate aka my husband because I know that no matter how mad and crazy I get sometimes, and yes, sometimes I do get really really really crazy and mad! But I know that he’ll always be there for me – that’s what it means – Lover for Life!

I feel blessed whenever I think about this and even though from time to time, we’ll still get mad at each other, things might be challenging with work and life, we know for sure that we always have each other to count on – nothing could be more amazing than this!

So for those who are yearning for such a relationship, one secret I’ve learned – be authentic and 100% honest!  Whenever there’s something not feeling quite right, communicate with your partner and don’t let it pass too long because the more time passed, the more the feelings are being suppressed and then somehow one day it will get back to you and your partner!

Have fun with life and enjoy your lover for life – be a lover of life and one day you’ll be with your lover for life!


  1. Hi Catherine you’re absolutely right on about being 100% honest in a relationship and communicating our hearts to our partners especially the problems, challenges we might have. I can tell from my own relationship experience where I suppressed my feelings and emotions for a long time regarding his reaction towards other girls and my jealousy got built up so much so that it started showing in my verbal and body gestures and I become more complaning and pointing out his fault indirectly but in a crude manner. The result you can guess.. we got broke up ! If only I had communicated to him at the outset about how I felt in a positive manner, I would have got chance to hear from his side of how he felt about all this and I would have saved my relationship, even made it better through heart-to-heart communication. Well, I guess lesson learned is more important than how it came to me! :) Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. Lovely to hear that you enjoyed reading this, Jasmine!