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To my dear teacher Lori Chang

Last night I received an SMS  from my dear friend Santa that my teacher Lori Chang has passed away.  I was in a shock even though I knew that Lori has been sicked for some time.  As my emotions started to come up, I realized how deep Lori has impacted my life!  I feel so much gratitude and deep appreciation for her presence in my life that has truly transformed me deeply!

Lori was the one who initiated me into the practice of meditation as she’s my very first meditation teacher from Course in Light many years ago!  Since then, meditation has become an important part of my life that has guided me through so many different challenges.  Through Lori and the centre Eostre which she and a few other friends have established, many of us have benefit from her passion in bringing awareness to people’s lives through spiritual practice.  Without Lori and Eostre, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to meet many amazing healers and teachers that have brought me to where I am now.

I always believe that there are no coincidences in life and whoever that shows up in our life has a reason to be here, even though sometimes it’s challenging in that relationship!  There were times when I had judgements about Lori, as many students would have projections on their teachers, and through that, I have deepened my understanding of who I truly am by embracing my own shadows through these projections.  Thank you, Lori, for being my mirror in those situations!

I still remember the time when Lori organized the trip for our whole Course in Light group to visit Egypt and that was so much fun – oh yeah, with lots more projections shooting between members during the trip!  How cool is that?

Lori’s unique voice of channelling is still ringing in my ears as I’m writing this now!  Her wisdom and playfulness and interesting personality will always be in my memory!

Sometimes you might wonder about life and what it’s all about and then BOOM!  Something dramatic happens, such as a dear friend and teacher passed away, and you suddenly realized that nothing really matters that much as long as you’re living each moment being fully present and taking in each moment with gratitude and enjoying every precious moment with your loved ones!

Here’s to my dear teacher Lori – thank you so much for everything that you’ve inspired me and everything that is you being you!


  1. Dear Catherine, this is alexander from Mainland China. It’s a very big shock for me to hear the information about Lori.She is my one of my best friends in Hongkong. I knew her sickness and suggested some methods for her. However, we lost a good friend, and the living being lost a best tuitor. sure, I’m sure she is being led by the Light and Love in the spritual mind. Anyway, we will continue to pass her passion and love to the world continuely. And wish you all the best in light and love.

  2. Dear Catherine,

    I ‘m grateful that your words echoes the feelings in my mind about Lori who didn’t stop to love even when she was sick.

    Yeap, she was inspiring, and would always have a place in my heart. Miss her.

    Yours sincerely,

  3. Dear Catherine,

    As a best friend and a partner of Lori, I have mixed feeling when Lori left us. Part of my feeling is sad, I deeply miss her and I found her presence in every corner of my life. We have shared a lot of life experience together with a lot of fun, a lot of laugher and a lot of inspiration. I can’t tell how much she has given me intangibly. She guided me to see the beauty, kindness and love inside me which transformed my life totally. My another feeling is released as I know she has ended her suffering of body pain and entered into a spiritual realm which she is experiencing freedom and joy now.

    Same as you, I have had some judgement about Lori and I am aware of that they are part of me which I don’t want to embrace. I feel so thankful for Lori to help me heal part of my judgement about myself through interaction with her which leads me to the place to understand who I am.

    At this moment, I have nothing to say about Lori but only deep gratitude to her. She will be in my heart forever and her spirit is with me forever. I love Lori who is my respectful teacher and my best friend in my life.

    Love & Light

  4. It was a shock for me to hear the news. I was her mandala class student 2 years ago. That’s when I started painting in my life.
    I came across this news while I was searching around in Facebook and found it in a page that I had never been to.
    I guess it’s the universe that send me this message.
    Hope she rest in peace.

    With Love,

  5. Dear Cecilia,

    We’ll be having a ceremony for Lori on 14 Aug (Sat). If you’re interested to join, please kindly email me your contact details to and I’ll send you the details.