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“Catherine is an explosive speaker and trainer. She lives what she teaches with sizzling passion. After listening to her, I felt so captivated and was inspired to start living a life I want. In a short 10 minutes, I learned the essence of her teachings – IMMEDIATELY!”

 James Chung, trainer (Singapore)

“I am so grateful to ‘experience’ Catherine from different angles: ‘student, ‘working partner’ and ‘close friend’. Catherine is one of the most discipline and energetic person I ever know! When she walks into a room, she is just like an energy bomb that awakens everybody up. Her positive energy and attitude naturally empowers people around her. Her public speaking and communication skills are already part of her nature that makes me fall in love with her talks and workshops, you just can’t get bored!!! She is also very gifted in organizing her knowledge into a structural teaching material for others to absorb. Many people are good at something but not so many are capable to share and teach others in a simple practical manner.

Among all the precious qualities she possesses, there is one I admire the most which is ‘walking her talk’ in whatever situation!!! She is such a reliable friend and responsible partner that you know if she says yes, it’s yes, period. As a friend, I am so touched by her deep care from her heart. She is also a living example of ‘spiritual practitioner’, who not just talk about the spiritual concepts, but constantly doing her own inner work, to become a better person. It’s so inspiring to hear what she has realized and progressed continuously, it’s like taking multi-vitamin once a day. I am so grateful for knowing Catherine, being her friend and continue to learn from her.

Catherine, thanks again for sharing who you are and continue to be a living inspiration!”

Karen Chan, Personal Development Coach & Certified Hypnotherapist (Hong Kong)

“It has been such a wonderful journey to have Catherine in my life. We first met in July 2006 when I attended the Dale Carnegie Training on how to communicate better. To me, every achievement in life is closely connected to how well we communicate. Catherine showed me the power of communication when we are congruent and I surely have got a lot out of her vivid demonstration.

With her care and her great intention, she enables me to see possibilities instead of difficulties. Now I can feel free to speak to anyone in my life from my heart, there is so much joy in this free space.

I also learn how to create joy and beauty in my everyday life with the simple sweet techniques that she shared over the “Vibes of Love” workshop. Since the use of the techniques, I have been able to attract the much wanted sweetness and love into my life.

I enjoy tremendously in choosing my own joyful journey and I enjoy being part of Catherine’s journey too!”

Catherine Leung, Wealth Management Consultant (Hong Kong)